Olathe, Kansas

Olathe was founded by Dr. John T. Barton in the spring of 1857. He rode to the center of Johnson County, and staked two quarter sections of land as the town site. He later described his ride to friends: “…the prairie was covered with verbena and other wild flowers. I kept thinking the land was beautiful and that I should name the town Beautiful.” Purportedly, Barton asked a Shawnee interpreter how to say “Beautiful” in his native language. The interpreter responded, “Olathe.”

Olathe was incorporated in 1857, and while not the first city in Johnson County, its rapid growth led to it being named the county seat in October 1859 and still stands as the county seat today. It is the fourth-most populous city in the Kansas City metro area and Kansas – and the home of Just Fur-Babies!

Services are provided in zip code 66061, East of Clare Rd & North of US 56 and zip code 66062 North of 167th Street.

Olathe, Kansas Heritage off leash dog park

Dog Park

Heritage Off Leash Park
16050 Pflumm Road
Olathe, KS 66062

pet store

Pet-Friendly Stores for Your Shopping Buddy

Shopping with your dog is a great way to introduce him to new places and socialize him with new people. Always keep him on a leash, and be prepared for random people to come up to you and coo over how cute your shopping partner is.
Each store location is a breed of its own, so it’s always a good idea to call ahead to ensure they are pet-friendly so your furry friend won’t be turned away at the door.

If you are concerned about socializing your puppy and prefer a low traffic time at one of these retailers for training opportunities (after calling to make sure they’re pet-friendly), stop by without your pup for a visit! Watch how friendly dogs on leash are treated by the staff and other customers. Pet-friendly stores that allow dogs like Petco or Petsmart may be a great retailer to start with since they will have treats at the register!

Home Depot & Lowe’s

Need some tools? Ultimate pet-friendly store, Home Depot & Lowe’s are the places to go. The wide aisles and concrete floors make Home Depot and Lowe’s an excellent opportunity for your canine to get out and see the world that is commercialized home improvement. Many locations allow both small and large dogs to wander the aisles and admire their extensive inventory–as long as they’re accompanied by their human companions, of course.

Home Depot
20025 W 154th Street & 11850 S Strang Line Road

13750 S Blackbob Road

Four Paws Pantry & Spa
At Four Paws Pantry & Spa, healthy, happy pets start on the inside and glow from the outside.

14040 West 119th St.
Olathe, KS 66062

Kansas City pet photographer

Pet Photographer

KC Kitties
We all have special talents and combining my love for cats & photography has been an amazing way for me to help the animals and give something back.
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