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Those Paws Are Made for Walkin’ & That’s What We Do!

Walking is more than just exercise! Did you know that a quick trip around the block provides mental stimulation, obedience, socialization AND exercise for you AND your pup? Consistent dog walking has even been known to help alleviate a lot of behavior issues by establishing a routine and preventing boredom. Walking is a win-win!

Whether they like to stroll, brisk walk or stop and sniff the roses (and trees, bushes and grass!), Just Fur-Babies’ TEAM will soon be your pup’s favorite walking pal. Why you ask … because we’re different! Just Fur-Babies is passionate about being your pup’s walking pal while enforcing good walking manners. Our TEAM members are versed in force-free training methods and tools. Prong collars … choke chains … other aversive tools … you won’t find them here! We focus on the dog itself and what works best for your individual pet, so the walk is enjoyed by you AND your dog.

Recurring daily walks or let outs can be set up on a recurring schedule. If you only need occasional help, we can provide walks a few times per week or as needed … we are flexible in working with your schedule for the best fit.

If you live in Olathe, Lenexa, Overland Park, Leawood, Prairie Village, Fairway, Mission Hills or South Kansas City, give your fur-baby – and yourself – a break!

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Dog Walking

starting at $29
Offered Monday – Friday from 10 am to 3 pm

Tired of rushing home at lunch or right after work? Does your dog get the zoomies during those web conferences or barking fits during your conference calls? Have your professional pet care provider come instead! During our visit, Just Fur-Babies gives your dog exercise and play time to keep them healthy and happy. Services available for 30, 45 or 60 minutes.

Your dog will be leash walked, individually or with dogs from the same household. We do not do “pack walks” as this personalized service is for your fur-baby to receive the individual attention they deserve! Visit includes fresh water change and playtime. If weather does not permit a full walk, we will provide indoor play and potty breaks.

A tired dog is a good dog! When your dog is able to release pent-up energy, they tend to listen more, get into less trouble and are easier to train!

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Dog Let Outs

starting at $22
Offered Monday – Friday from 10 am to 3 pm

If you have a fenced yard, Just Fur-Babies’ Let Out Service lasts about 15 minutes and is designed for clients who simply want their dog to have a quick visit and a potty break. Also ideal for older dogs that don’t need a lot of exercise or dogs on restrictions following an injury.

**This service is not in place of a pet sitting visit. This is a yard let out and fresh water**

What’s in it for them?

Mental Stimulation

As your dog sniffs, they are exploring the world. It may be the same old yard or neighborhood to us hoo-mans, but each new day brings a new adventure! Dogs use their wet noses to detect where a smell is coming from, even using each nostril separately to further enhance their smelling abilities. The sense of smell is the most highly evolved sense a dog has, its sniffer stimulating your pup’s mind like a pointer on a compass!

Boredom Behavior Symptoms

Being alone is stressful for dogs, as by nature, they are pack animals. Chewing, anxiety, destruction and digging are behaviors that can be stressful for pet owners, often brought on by boredom or the anxiety of being alone, occasionally devolving into significant behavior problems. Walks or visits can break up the boredom and quell some of the undesirable behavior.

Socialization and Confidence

The world is a scary place, but what makes it scarier is when dogs don’t experience it regularly. Encountering sights, sounds and smells while also seeing other people and dogs is part of your dog’s learning process. Dog walking on a regular basis with our TEAM of professionals can help to provide socialization and confidence, as well as enforcing good walking manners.

What’s in it for You?

No need to rush home to walk or let our your furry friend – enjoy YOUR lunch hour! No more worries or guilt about leaving your dogs alone, crated or indoors all day when Just Fur-Babies is just a call away at 913-444-3152.

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Just Fur-Babies also offers dog walking, pet taxi, and pet first aid classes in Kansas City.

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