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We are the Premier Cat Sitters in Kansas City

Peaches, a Kansas City cat
Utilizing our Fear Free training, we understand the different personalities of cats and we provide the type of care, enrichment and stimulation they want and need from us.

We want your cats to have the premier experience they deserve while in our care. Our knowledge and expertise allow us to better understand a cat’s needs and how to best interact with them. We are constantly expanding our knowledge and education in animal care and animal behavior. Moreover, we always follow up with our clients for their feedback (good and bad) about our services and where we can improve. This helps us to continue to be the premier cat sitting company in Kansas City! Our service is your service – it’s their staycation!

We are passionate about cats, their well-being both mental and physical. Cat Connoisseurs will tell you cats get bored when they’re left alone too long and miss social companionship. For this, we DO NOT offer every other day services.

We are happy to be resources for our clients who want or need more information on feeding, enrichment, behavior, etc. Here are two websites we routinely recommend: Fear Free Happy Homes for Pets and Cat Friendly Homes.

While you are away, we will have lots of play!

Casey, a cat in Kansas City

Standard Cat Sitting Visits

starting at $32

Our Cat Sitting Services are developed with your pet’s happiness and health in mind.

Your pets’ health is our top priority and something others with less experience overlook. We visually check on your pets every visit, monitor their “input and output,” and watch for signs of illness by checking their food, water, litter box as well as observation in behavior and physical condition.

One of the most valuable reasons for having in-home services is to keep your kitty relaxed, reassured and feeling safe in their castle. Cats are highly aware of their surroundings. As such, routine and predictability improve their Quality of Life. Changes in their routine and surroundings can result in behavior and medical problems. Our feline friends become adjusted to our routines so quickly, they will guide us through your home while doing our tasks, wait for us in the “social area” or begin to hunt before our game has begun! Trust and respect are things we strive to develop as soon as we walk in the door.

Most Visits Include

For Your Fur-Babies

  • feed & fresh water at scheduled times
  • interactive playtime and brushing
  • administer medications
  • pick up after fur-babies “accidents”
  • scoop / change litter box

For Your Homes

  • pick up mail, newspapers, flyers & packages
  • alternate lights & blinds
  • adjust tv & radio
  • check overall security of your home

****Services may be limited based upon your pet’s temperament****

Just Fur-Babies also offers dog walking, pet taxi, and pet first aid classes in Kansas City.

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