Pet Sitting

Your pets are most comfortable and stress-free staying in the environment they know: your lovely home. During our visit, we provide them companionship and lots of love during your time away. We follow your care routine and schedule, in detail, just as if you were there! We also follow any command or obedience training, per your guidelines. If they have any special needs such as providing medication or looking after them post surgery let us know.Pet parents have chosen In-Your-Home Pet Care anywhere from a 2 day trip to extended holidays up to 4 months!


While you are away, we will have lots of play!

Professional Pet Sitting in Johnson County Kansas

Standard Visit – Cats

starting at $25

These visits are typically the most common choice for when you are out of town for business or pleasure, but can be customized to fit your needs. Each visit is approximately 30 minutes (or longer) in length and we can frequent as many times as needed on a daily basis. We strive to keep their routine as consistent as possible to reduce stress and boredom. We recognize the special attention, patience, and understanding needed in caring for shy and senior kitties. We do not offer every other day cat services!

Standard Visit – Dogs

starting at $25

We require a minimum of two visits daily for un-crated dogs over 12 months in age. Any dogs that are crated will require three visits per 24 hour period We recommend at least three visits per day for all dogs. If potty accidents are discovered more than twice in a row, we will add an additional visit on each day for the remainder of the reservation period.

Overnight Stay

starting at $110

An overnight includes a standard 30 minute dinner visit. Then your sitter returns to your home, for the overnight portion, around 10:15pm and is there until around 7am the following morning.  If you need additional visits throughout the day, they may be added at the regular rate.
(Subject to staff availability and a 50% non refundable deposit, by credit card, at the time of booking.) Due to COVID-19, Overnight services are unavailable at this time

Extended Stay Pet Sitting and Pet Care Services
Extended Evening Stay with Early Morning Visits

Puppy & Senior Dog Policy

(applicable to senior pets who are unable to hold potty for long periods of time)

  • Puppies (6 weeks to 16 weeks): visits every 3-4 hours with overnight visits required in order to support potty training efforts and prevent increased accidents. Visits can be a combination of 30+ minute visits and 15-minute “Potty Visits”
  • Puppies (17 weeks to 6 months): visits every 4-5 hours with first and last visit spots each day; can be a combination of 30+ minute visits and 15-minute “Potty Visits”

Most Visits Include

For Your Fur-Babies

  • feed & fresh water at scheduled times
  • interactive playtime and brushing
  • administer medications
  • pick up after fur-babies “accidents”
  • scoop / change litter box

For Your Homes

  • pick up mail, newspapers, flyers & packages
  • alternate lights & blinds
  • adjust tv & radio
  • water plants
  • check overall security of your home

****Services may be limited based upon your pet’s temperament****

Extended Home Services Including House Sitting, Mail Pickup, Watering Plants and More


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